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Peter Burke (Cambridge)

„The Information Society in Historical Perspective“

27.05.2013 um 18:00 Uhr

Vortrag im Rahmen der Munich History Lectures.

Montag, 27. Mai 2013 - 18:30 Uhr

Hörsaal A 140, LMU-Hauptgebäude

Prof. Peter Burke (University of Cambridge) - The Information Society in Historical Perspective.

The idea of the ‘information society’ goes back to the 1960s and was linked to the idea of a new age in history. Since then there has been a lively debate with rival definitions of the Information Society and rival chronologies of its rise.
There is obviously a need to avoid two opposite dangers, on one side to see the Information Society as something quite new, as journalists and the general public often do, and on the other, like some academic historians, to emphasize continuities at the expense of changes.
Hence this lecture will be devoted to problems of periodization, concentrating on the history of the West from the early Middle Ages onwards and looking for major moments of change in the gathering, analysis, dissemination and uses of information.

Die Einführung hält Prof. Dr. Arndt Brendecke.