Geschichte Osteuropas und Südosteuropas




Angelina Kalashnikova


Short Biography

2014 graduated from European University at St.-Petersburg (St.-Petersburg, Russia) with MA degree in Russian History. MA thesis: “Russian judicial procedure in the 15th - the first half of the 16th c.”
2016 graduated from Central European University (Budapest, Hungary) with MA degree in Medieval Studies. MA thesis: “Diplomatics of russian judicial charters (c. 1400 - 1500)”

At the moment I am a junior researcher in Saint Petersburg Institute of History of Russian Academy of Sciences. My research interests concern source studies, diplomatics and paleography. Currently I have three reseach topics. The first one is my PhD thesis topic: Russian judicial charters and court procedure in the 15th - 16th c.
The second one concerns the history of paper and optical methods of watermarks visualization, especially infrared photography. The third topic is pretty new for me and it concerns incorporation of Siberia in Muscovy in the 17th c. I focus on the Lensky fort case and really keen on issues of slavery, hostage and interethnic communication.

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