Geschichte Osteuropas und Südosteuropas




Dr. Maria Proskuryakova


St Petersburg Institute of History of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russian Federation)
Scientific and Historical Archive and a Group of Source Study
Petrozavodskaya ulitsa, 7
St Petersburg, Russian Federation

Short Biography



  • June 2010 — present — PhD-student, program “Russia in Europe Doctoral School in Border Studies”, University of Eastern Finland (Finland)
    Topic of dissertation: “Russian Garrison Community and Military Policy in Old Finland in the First Half of the 18th c.”Supervisor: Prof. University of Eastern Finland, PhD Kimmo Katajala
  • June 18, 2010 — the academic degree — Candidate of Historical Sciences — was granted
  • February 9, 2010 — the dissertation was defended in St Petersburg Institute of History RAS
    The topic of the thesis: The Russian Fortresses and Garrisons in the Vyborg Karelia in the First Half of the 18th c.
    Supervisor: Associate Prof. of the Department of General History, Vice Dean for Scientific and International Cooperation at the History Faculty of Petrozavodsk State University (Russian Federation), Candidate of Historical Sciences, Irina Chernyakova
  • 2005—2008 — aspirant (candidate for the academic degree), History Faculty, Petrozavodsk State University, Russian Federation
  • 2000—2005 — student, History Faculty, Petrozavodsk State University, Russian Federation

Work and Teaching Experience


  • June 2019 — present — Senior researcher, St Petersburg Institute of History RAS
  • May 2011 — June 2019 — Researcher, St Petersburg Institute of History RAS
  • February 2009 — June 2010 — Teacher, History Faculty, Petrozavodsk State University
  • August 2006 — June 2009 — Assistant, Investigative Laboratory for Local and Microhistory of Karelia, History Faculty, Petrozavodsk State University

Research focus

In the focus of my studies are history of the Russian state from the first half of the 17th c. until the mid of the 18th c. The military communities are the subject of my constant interest.
The research on history of Russian garrison troops in newly conquered Vyborg and Kexholm fortresses during the Great Northern War and a decade after the Nystad Peace Treaty became my early experience of investigation of certain social group. It was succeeded to trace the history of few military units quartered in the named fortresses on the stage of Candidate dissertation. Then the first data was received on marital status of the garrison employees, their families, education of soldier sons, medical care of the military community, crimes and punishments of military men and peculiarities of military-criminal law implementation. Now the described topics remain the subject of my special interest.
Another topic of my studies are the biographies and history of service of the foreign mercenaries who were involved in the military-administrative reform on the Russian-Swedish border (the Olonets uyezd) in the late 1640s and early 1650s.
Finally, during the last three years I began to work on new topic — the administrative practices in the East Siberia in the 17th c. The taking hostages of members of powerful local families, concluding of mutually beneficial agreements with heads of regional clans, as well as the activities of Russian servicemen in the region appeared in the center of my attention.

Contact Information

phone: +7 (965) 094 09 29