Geschichte Osteuropas und Südosteuropas




Prof. Dr. Martina Winkler

I teach Russian and East European history at the University of Kiel. In the field of Russian history, I have published on the Empire of the eighteenth and early nineteenth century, particularly on problems of space, cartography and territorialization. My second book focused on the Russian expansion into the North Pacific and the region of Russian America.

Currently, I am interested in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century, mainly on questions of symbols and rituals as well as on childhood and education. I am also in the process of preparing a new biography of Peter the Great.

Selected Publications

  • Kindheitsgeschichte. Eine Einführung, Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht 2017. (
  • Das Imperium und die Seeotter: Die Expansion Russlands in den nordpazifischen Raum, 1700-1867, Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht 2016. (
  • 1812 in Russland – Erzählung, Erfahrung und Ereignis. Special issue Comparativ 22 (2012)3.
  • "Paths, surfaces and borders: mapping the Russian Empire in the eighteenth century", in: Valerie A. Kivelson (ed.), Seeing Muscovy Anew: Politics—Institutions—Culture: Essays in Honor of Nancy Shields Kollmann, Bloomington: Slavica 2017, S. 339-354.
  • „Eine handelnde Nation werden“. Die erste russländische Weltumseglung, 1803-1806″, in: Martin Aust, Obertreis, Julia (eds.), Osteuropäische Geschichte und Globalgeschichte, Stuttgart: Steiner 2014, 131-152.
  • „Russia, Europe, and the Pacific Ocean: A Global Story?“, in: Matthias Middell (ed.), Cultural Transfers, Encounters and Connections in the Global 18th Century, Leipzig: Leipziger Universitätsverlag 2014, 211-231.
  • Landratten auf Segeltour? Russländische Unternehmer im Nordpazifik, in: Alexander Kraus/Martina Winkler (eds.): Weltmeere – Wissen und Wahrnehmung im langen 19. Jahrhundert. Göttingen 2014, 191-214.
  • Imagining the Arctic, the Russian Way: Concepts and Projects for the Arctic Ocean in the Eighteenth Century. New Global Studies 7(2012)2, 73-100.
  • Another America: Russian mental discoveries of the Northwest Pacific Region. Journal of Global History 7 (2012)1, 27-55.

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