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Mit Gott rechnen. Katholische Reform und politisches Kalkül in Frankreich, Bayern und Polen-Litauen

completed PhD-project by Damien Tricoire

Common wisdom says that it is not possible to dissociate religion from politics before the 18th century. But how is it possible to study the influence of religious patterns on political action? Since Marc Bloch and Ernst Kantorowicz, a great deal of scholarly work has been written on religious legitimization of political power, yet the other dimensions of politics – the development of policies and the struggles around it – have been somewhat neglected. Historiography about the Thirty Years’ War or French foreign policy under Louis XIII still postulates a dichotomy between religiously and politically motivated actors and, because of this, fails to analyse properly the political debates of the 17th century.

Examining the influence of Catholic reform on political calculation in the first half of 17th century, the doctoral thesis proposes a way bridging religion and politics in all its dimensions, and in so doing develops new narratives of political history. The questions of the resistance to war in France, of the Fronde, of the character of the Thirty Years’ War, and of the failure of the Polish monarchy are re-considered. Furthermore, this work provides a general view of Catholic reform and of its impact on political life. It pays particular attention to the new religious-political cults propelling state construction, and especially to the State Marian patronage.

The PhD dissertation has been published in 2013 at Vandenhoeck und Ruprecht: