Geschichte Osteuropas und Südosteuropas




Dr. Vladislav Rjéoutski (Moskau), Prof. Dr. Sergey Polskoy (Moskau), Translation in the Eighteenth-Century Russia - Book Presentation

Gemeinsames Kolloquium "Aufklärung in Ost- und Westeuropa" von Prof. Dr. Julia Herzberg (LMU München) und Prof. Dr. Isabelle Deflers (UniBW München).

30.06.2022 14:00 Uhr – 16:00 Uhr

translation2The study of the socio-cultural history of translation and translation practices opens up new perspectives in exploring the intellectual spheres of the past. How did human beings make sense of society in different eras? How did cultures interact in the exchange of ideas? How were new systems of notions and perceptions formed, which determined the development of Russian culture in modern times? The purpose of this publication is to explore the transfer, adaptation, and reception of major European political ideas in eighteenth-century Russia through the prism of translations of socio-political texts. Translation has been understood as a "laboratory" where concepts acquired their specific meaning in specific social and historical contexts. In our talk we will briefly outline the origin and the main ideas of this collective volume before focusing on one particular question: the statistical approach to early modern Russian translation in comparison with translated literature in some other European countries.

Die Veranstaltung wird über Zoom abgehalten.

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