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Andrei Vinogradov is awarded the Second ESEH Poster Prize


Andrei Vinogradov, research fellow and doctoral student at the professorship of Julia Herzberg, was awarded the Second Poster Prize at the biannual conference of the European Society for Environmental History, which took place in Bern, Switzerland, from August 22 to 27. The poster under the title “The Princess of the Thaw. Human Dimensions of Climate Change in the Altai Highlands (1993-2021)” was made in co-authorship with Alexandra Raeva (Arctic Design School) and devoted to the life of the local population in the changing environment affected with melting permafrost and glaciers, increasing precipitation rates and climatogenic natural disasters. The peculiarity of the poster was that, despite the scientific content, it was made in an artistic style: Alexandra Raeva's drawings illustrated the texts by Andrei Vinogradov, reconstructed the events of the past (the destruction of the village of Aktal, a landslide near the village of Beltir) and depicted mythological characters in the person of the Ukok Princess. Being the mummy of a noblewoman discovered in permafrost in 1993, the latter is the center of indigenous explanations for climate change. The poster is one of the first approaches to a humanitarian study of climate change in this unique region.