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Philipp Ther (Vienna)

Towards a Global Business and Labor History: The Transformation of Shipyards since the Late 1970s

08.11.2023 17:15 Uhr – 18:45 Uhr

Historicum Room K001, Schellingstr. 12, Munich

Colloquium "Europe's History of the Present: Universalism and Particularism"

The KFG colloquium continues with its next session on Wednesday, November 8th, with a lecture by Senior Fellow Philipp Ther on "Towards a Global Business and Labor History: The Transformation of Shipyards since the Late 1970s".

Philipp Ther is professor of Central European history at the University of Vienna, where he founded the Research Center for the History of Transformations (RECET). Two of his monographs deal with the recent economic and social history of Europe, Europe since 1989: A History (Princeton UP, 2016) and How the West Lost the Peace: The Great Transformation since 1989 (Polity Press, 2023). In these books, he developed the concept cotransformation for assessing the impact of neoliberal reforms in post-communist Europe on the West and, in particular, on Germany. His most recent book is a multigraph on the transformation of shipyards in late state socialism and the EU (with Ulf Brunnbauer et al., In den Stürmen der Transformation: Zwei Werften zwischen Sozialismus und EU, Suhrkamp, 2022). He has also worked on the history of music institutions and markets in Central Europe since the late eighteenth century.

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