Geschichte Osteuropas und Südosteuropas




History of Yugoslavia

Why did Yugoslavia fall apart? Was its violent demise inevitable? Did its population simply fall victim to the lure of nationalism? How did this multinational state survive for so long, and where do we situate the short life of Yugoslavia in the long history of Europe in the twentieth century? A History of Yugoslavia provides a concise, accessible, comprehensive synthesis of the political, cultural, social, and economic life of Yugoslavia—from its nineteenth-century South Slavic origins to the bloody demise of the multinational state of Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

Calic takes a fresh and innovative look at the colorful, multifaceted, and complex history of Yugoslavia, emphasizing major social, economic, and intellectual changes from the turn of the twentieth century and the transition to modern industrialized mass society. She traces the origins of ethnic, religious, and cultural divisions, applying the latest social science approaches, and drawing on the breadth of recent state-of-the-art literature, to present a balanced interpretation of events that takes into account the differing perceptions and interests of the actors involved. Uniquely, Calic frames the history of Yugoslavia for readers as an essentially open-ended process, undertaken from a variety of different regional perspectives with varied composite agenda. She shuns traditional, deterministic explanations that notorious Balkan hatreds or any other kind of exceptionalism are to blame for Yugoslavia’s demise, and along the way she highlights the agency of twentieth-century modern mass society in the politicization of differences. While analyzing nuanced political and social-economic processes, Calic describes the experiences and emotions of ordinary people in a vivid way. As a result, her groundbreaking work provides scholars and learned readers alike with an accessible, trenchant, and authoritative introduction to Yugoslavia's complex history.


“Purdue University Press’s publication of an English translation of the magisterial history
of Yugoslavia from 1878 to the present by its reigning historian is a great gift. Calic retrieves
Yugoslav history from a Balkan periphery and restores it to a proper place in the European
experience. While some valuable partial histories on Yugoslavia exist, including Calic’s
books on the Bosnian wars and on Serbia, nothing competes with the sweep, intelligence,
and originality of this volume, let alone its stylistic and narrative eloquence.”
Susan L. Woodward, Professor, The Graduate Center, City University of New York

“By placing Yugoslavia into the wider context of Europe’s geopolitical, economic, and
intellectual history of the long twentieth century, Calic superbly succeeds in explaining
the vicissitudes of this wildly complex and fascinating country. A comprehensive masterpiece
and indispensable primer for students of Southeast Europe, and arguably the best book I
have read on the region of former Yugoslavia.”
Ambassador (Ret.) Dr. Wolfgang Petritsch, Former EU Special Envoy for Kosovo,
and High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina