Geschichte Osteuropas und Südosteuropas





The Concept of 'Women's Health' in Early Soviet Biopolitics

Based on archival documents, medical periodicals, instructions and educational brochures, the biopolitics of the Bolsheviks in relation to Soviet women is reconstructed in the work. Medical and political debates about the factors of fertility and the use of women's labor in industry formed a moral framework in which the roles of reproducers and producers were imposed on Soviet women, and transformed medical and political discourses turned into increased control over women's bodies and increased contradictions between existing traditions and social roles in the family, especially in Muslim regions of the Soviet Union. The methodological basis of the research is based on the combination of several research areas – new social history, cultural health studies, gender studies and the social history of medicine – and is devoted to the relationship of the policy pursued by the Soviet state at the dawn of its existence in the field of health care and women's health issues.